The Art of Weagle (painting)

For me, painting isn’t a product – it’s a (personally) necessary cathartic process. Every piece starts with a feeling generated by a random thought. The piece is complete when this mind-moment is fully manifest. I approach the canvas or board aggressively in order to capture the energy of the emotion, with my head relinquishing control to my hands and heart.




'Only To Rise' (not available)


'Scars I'

'Scars II'

'Scars III'



'The Reef' (not available)

'The Witch of November'



'Chantrelle' (series I-III)



'Positano Gold' (series I-III)






'The Factory'

'Chantrelle I'

'Chantrelle II'

'Chantrelle III'


'Serpent I'

'The Grid'